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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Exclusive dan Menawan Jom dapatkan Prada Mini Lace Sedondon Mak dan Anak Memang Meletup Sangat


Jom sedondon ke open house or kenduri kendara. Nak beli asing pun boleh

Do you believe in love at first sight??? 🤔 William Shakespeare said : 'When i saw you, i fell in love, and you smiled because you knew' Or Should i walk by again??? 😉😊

And NO one believes in love at first sight until something special comes along and steals your heart, right?? 😎

Now, We are sure, it will steal your heart 💕🤗🤗

Come to see....👇🏻👇🏻

Love At first Sight on PRADA LUXXURY, GLAMOURYY & very EXXLUSSIVE!! ✨

 RTW Collection .....not only suitable for 'bridesmaid' but, on the day of Eid 🙀🙀

Its very very stunning at the first look, and yeahh..we sure,everyone love to be a princess of fairyland....👰

We are creating this Elegance Lace .....So, you just need a minimalist style, paired with a matching shawl to give your AMAZING Aura!!!

Come exerience yourself with our signature collection an exclusive yet affordable price collection RTW...

Harga Prada Mini Mom n Kids

Baju Dewasa

Harga kids
Saiz new born n 0
Promo price: rm60

Saiz 2 dan 4
Promo price: rm70

Saiz 6 dan 8
Promo price: rm80

Saiz 10 dan 12
Promo price: rm90

Free postage seluruh malaysia

Jadi, jom miliki sekarang sebelum terlambat kerana

 sangat terhad

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